Inkwe Project Managers was established in 2001 and has a vision to contribute to the development of Africa.  Professional skills are needed in the current African economy to generate work and to complete the work that is generated, in a professional manner.  Contributions to the development of people and their skills are also vital as a long-term investment in the future of this exciting continent.


Inkwe has the expertise to contribute to the construction industry i.e. new developments, private housing, offices, training facilities, industrial buildings, etc.


We have expert knowledge in the Project Management and Quantity Surveying fields and is able to offer honest and sustainable services in the industrial, residential and commercial development world.  It is a very competitive industry in the current economic climate but via creative thinking and creative management the sky is only the beginning of the limit.


Inkwe also believes that houses and other developments should not only be build and left as is but that a sustainable economic infrastructure should be developed around it in creating job opportunities.


Any project of whatever magnitude revolves around a team.  In Project Management one of the main objectives is to lead the team in a professional and spirited way to complete the project within the parameters set by the client or the employer i.e. time, cost and quality.


The "P" in PM is as much about 'PEOPLE' MANAGEMENT as it is about 'PROJECT' MANAGEMENT - Cornelius Fichtner


Our Motto:  "Professional Service through Teamwork"


Contact us for a PROFESSIONAL service as our positive attitude creates creativity to more than satisfy your needs.




For those of you who have walked a road with us from the beginning, thank you for the support and sharing with us our growth and changes that took place ...
















Together we grow and together we make South Africa a better place


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